What gift idea for a fly fisherman?

What gift idea for a fly fisherman?

If you are looking for a fly fishing gift for a relative or friend who is a fisherman or who could become one, Bravo! You are in the right place.

Here you will find 5 good ideas depending on who is the lucky recipient of your gift:

A fisherman who has never tried fly fishing?

How lucky it is the simplest case. A versatile fly fishing kit (9 foot fly line 5 rod, single reel, etc.) will allow him to try out this technique. We offer several in the 'Discovery' department, such as our excellent beginners kit:

Your budget is more limited? Only offer a rod or reel element, we sell them separately in the same department.

A complete beginner in fishing?

Also a very good idea is to offer him a kit as indicated above or one of its elements. But a beginner may also need general fishing equipment or clothing: why not a fishing vest, a landing net or goggles that you will find in our Accessories or Clothing and goggles sections.

Landing net Eyeglasses

A child interested in fishing?

Our children's kit adapted to a small size is made for them. Made up of very high quality equipment (nothing to do with the first price kits of large sports surfaces...) it will remain useful for them to fish in small rivers even when their size and their technique have evolved.

Children's fly fishing kit

Note: this material is not a toy and must be used under the supervision and responsibility of an adult; not recommended before 7 years.

An experienced fly fisherman?

The choice of a gift becomes more difficult because he is probably very well equipped for his favorite hobby. If you know his favorite fishing spot, for example the river, look at one of our specialized shelves in another place such as the lake or the sea and offer him a specialized rod allowing him to discover this different type of fishing: they may seem close to you. his usual equipment but an experienced fisherman will immediately appreciate the difference If he is a trout fisherman, look at our predator or sea rays: another world. In all cases, we offer quality equipment, relevant for each type of fishing and beginner at the lowest prices on the French market, allowing you to please without breaking the bank.

Our easy-to-carry Travel Cane can also be an original idea.

travel cane

A budget gift or a gadget?

Take a look in our accessories department at our very nice brown trout pattern thread cutter or our fly tying thread which could be very useful. Or on the clothing side our very PALM buffs/chokers, patterns of your choice.

Fario wire cutter grommetCollar size

Are you still hesitating?

  • Contact us for advice: it's our job! or 06 70 67 94 62.
  • Choose one of our gift vouchers (available in the different departments.

And of course, as a French trader, our equipment benefits from legal guarantees (see our T&Cs), a good reason to buy in France rather than foreign platforms.

You no longer have any reason not to choose a fly fishing gift from and be sure to please!

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