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The and sites are published by the company “Bernard Charlot EIRL” (named the Company in the rest of this page)

This page provides the legal notices for these sites and the intellectual property information relating to their content and its reuse.


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Use of Trademarks and Design

The trade name "" is protected as such by French law.

The domain names of and are the property of the Company .

Certain products on this site have a design that is the property of the Company and is protected by the INPI (Soleau envelope, deposit).

Different products offered on this site are trademarks, designs, or visuals registered by their suppliers or protected by the applicable French legislation and other countries.

Content reuse

Unless otherwise stated, the copying, downloading, distribution and any other form of reuse of the contents of the sites and is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company or the owner of the content in the case of a third.

Different content is the property of third parties who have granted the Company a non-transferable user license. Authorization for possible reuse must be obtained from the owner before any reuse (even in the case of public and free licenses).

The use of the and sites and the purchases made on this site do not grant users and purchasers any license to reuse the content of these sites.

Buyers on these sites are authorized to make a copy for personal and non-commercial use of the legal pages of the site (legal notices, CGV, CGU, Privacy policy) as well as of the content of the site relating to the products they have purchased.

Buyers on these sites are authorized to make and keep for personal and non-commercial use a backup copy of any digital media transmitted by the Company (user manual, etc.) or made available for download by buyers.

Posting links to Company sites on search engines, social media, non-commercial websites and blogs is permitted for sharing information and opinions about the Company, its sites and its products in the context of fly fishing. In this context only the copying of a very limited part of the site for illustration of the comments made on these media is authorized, without modification and with attribution to the Company by an apparent link to the cited pages of the site.

The Company can in no way be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage possibly created by this reuse or the disappearance or modification of the pages cited.

We are committed to preserving the rights of third parties: if you think that we are publishing content by mistake without having the appropriate license, please inform us ( ) with the necessary elements to allow us to check and rectify if applicable.


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