Get to know is a French self-employed company (AERL status) based in Toulouse, and born in 2020 from my combined experience as a fly fishing enthusiast (PALM) and an aerospace engineer.

Introduced to fishing from my childhood on the rivers of my native Morvan, the discovery of fly fishing only happened much later and was both the revelation of a passion but also of the difficulty of finding its own way in the middle of an ocean of very diversified fishing practices and equipment, of varying quality and price.

The advice of an Ardèche fishing guide and then of a very active club in Toulouse helped me a lot to find my own way. My experience in a very demanding space industry has also led me to look at the products offered with the eye of an engineer: are their characteristics well suited to efficient fishing? Is the quality of production up to the manufacturer's proposals? how to improve the product? The search for materials that are both very resistant, light and at a controlled cost is surprisingly similar in the space industry and that of fly fishing. The materials (carbon, plastics and composites, aluminum alloys) are also to a large extent.

A few years later, the desire came to me to facilitate the approach of the PALM to all those who do not necessarily have direct and easy access to such advice, and may feel a little lost between the passionate discussions. but often contradictory experts on forums and social networks and the now very rich ranges of many manufacturers. is therefore dedicated to offering a selection of fly fishing articles for different styles of fishing allowing the complete beginner or in a specific technique to start their own journey with equipment adapted to the chosen style, consistent and of a sufficient quality to progress.

My choice of styles is linked both to the fishing grounds (river, torrent, lake, etc.) but also to the different techniques practiced (dry fly, nymph, etc.) and to the fish sought. being a very young company, I made the choice to start it with a reduced number of styles and products which will be gradually enriched if my approach is appreciated by you, the best fly fishermen! Your feedback will be valuable to me and gratefully appreciated for this development.

In each style of fly fishing the associated collection is made of a range of carefully selected products, consistent and compatible with each other, covering the different needs of the fisherman in this style: rod, reel, line, base line, flies...

A specific Discovery collection is aimed at new PALM enthusiasts and offers very relevant equipment for getting started in a good way, and also usable later in certain styles of fishing. Obviously even if we offer competitive products, the offers of appeal at the lowest price, technically absurd in relation to the needs of the beginner angler have no place in our approach.

An 'Expert Products' section offers a small selection of very specific products, meeting the needs of PALM perfectionists. Some products here are of personal design, unique to and marketed only on this site.

While fully assuming my selection, I obviously recognize that many other views are possible on the most suitable equipment for a given style of fishing, this constitutes a part of the richness of the PALM. The initiated or expert fisherman will be able to appreciate for himself the quality and the relevance of what the site offers for his preferred type of fishing but of course also make a different and more personal choice of equipment associations suitable for his philosophy and way of fishing. to fish, in the range offered on the site. products selected for the best fly fishermen… and those who will become so.

Bernard Charlot


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